Castle Boss

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"Castle Boss"
9 hitpoints
Jester's/Fairy's melee attack
“The nasty knight Sir Threadbear and Clip Clop his trusty steed have challenged you to a duel. Good luck – that lance looks sharp!”Wakey Wakey
“Prepare to meet thy doom!”Threadbear

The Castle Boss compromises of Threadbear and his armored steed Clip Clop.

Guide[edit | edit source]

The Castle Boss is a tricky boss to tackle and the arena hazards don't help either so be careful of the glowing circular zones and the swinging guillotines. However don't be too intimidated by 9 hitpoints as they go down quite quickly.

Start off by running towards one of the swinging guillotines and move past them to get to the Jester/Fairy jack-in-the-box. Once you have this ability, you have only 30 seconds to use it so move towards Clip Clop's sides and start melee attacking it. Repeat this strategy a further 8 times until the Castle Boss has been defeated.