Lunar Mice Meteorite

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"Lunar Mice Meteorite"
Trapped winks
Dreamkey color
Total cogs
Abilities (in order)
Robot, Jester/Fairy
Enemies encountered (in order)
Lunar Mouse, Alien, Rocket Turret, Battle Drone, Hoodwink
"Nitekap's naughty aliens have abducted 2 Winks. Rescue them from the Lunar Mice Meteorite."Wakey Wakey
"Greetingz earthlings, you have no chance against our superior species... You may as well go home now."Alien

Lunar Mice Meteorite is a base on the moon and green dreamkey nightmare within the Space Realm.

Wink locations[edit | edit source]

1. In a room past the asteroid section.

Dreamkey locations[edit | edit source]

1. In the trench, after the conveyor belt section.
2. On the left alcove immediately after the Jester/Fairy button.
3. In a room with 2 alien enemies, after activating the red tunnel platform with the Jester/Fairy.
4. In a room with a window at the left side, immediately after the last room with a dreamkey.

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