Nightmare Boss

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"Nightmare Boss"
5 hitpoints
“Oh-Oh. It looks like Threadbear has found a spooky spider to help him.”Wakey Wakey
“Prepare to be defeated!”Threadbear

The Nightmare Boss is a giant spider that Threadbear somehow tamed and is able to ride, much like the Nightmare Boss' smaller counterparts it attacks by biting at close range. Unfortunately this giant spider has terrible stamina.

Guide[edit | edit source]

Start by moving around the level (though avoid the webs as they slow you down) until the spider becomes fatigued and goes sleep, then hit it to lower Threadbear's hitpoints. Avoid the spider as it jumps about frantically and defeat the four regular spiders spawned by Threadbear when he yells "Get 'em". Do this strategy 4 times to defeat Threadbear.