Snoozy Woozy Satellite

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"Snoozy Woozy Satellite"
Trapped winks
Dreamkey color
Total cogs
Abilities (in order)
Robot, Ninja
Enemies encountered (in order)
Alien, Turret, Pink Alien, Cosmonaut Monkey, Rocket Turret, Battle Drone
"Alien smugglers have taken 3 Winks. They are to be sent into orbit onboard the Snoozy Woozy Satellite. Go get them before Nitekap does."Wakey Wakey
"Uh uh uh... Boris the cosmonaut monkey has visitors. Uh uh uh... More aliens!!"Cosmonaut Monkey

Snoozy Woozy Satellite is the interior of a satellite and red dreamkey nightmare within the Space Realm.

Wink locations[edit | edit source]

1. In the room with the UFO conveyor belt in the right corner.
2. Backtrack past the door with four switches to the room with cleaning robot above and go right.
3. In the cage at the top of the room with the spacesuits, requires the ninja ability to get to.

Dreamkey locations[edit | edit source]

1. The other side of the section with the dropping asteroids.
2. At the end of the room to the right, once you've gone past the corridor from the spacesuit room.
3. After the scaling the gap with the ninja rope technique, you'll find yourself on a conveyor belt. Towards the end is the dreamkey, use an asteroid to reach it.
4. Immediately after the conveyor belt with the last dreamkey is a large room with a space rock floor. Use the flying platform to reach the last dreamkey and progress through the level.

Secret areas[edit | edit source]

1. Follow the cleaning robot into a small doorway behind of which is a secret area.
2. At the end of the conveyor belt jump on to the rock, which is in fact a secret elevator leading to the second secret area.

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