Splish Splash City

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"Splish Splash City"
Trapped winks
Dreamkey color
Total cogs
Abilities (in order)
Robot, Jester/Fairy
Enemies encountered (in order)
Crab, Shark Man, Diver, Pufferfish, Shark
"Deep under the sea is Splish Splash City. Nitekap and his sidekick Threadbear have hidden 2 Winks for safekeeping."Wakey Wakey
"Nobody leaves Splish Splash City. If you've come for the Winks prepare to find your watery tomb."Diver

Splish Splash City is an underwater city and red dreamkey nightmare within the Underwater Realm.

Guide[edit | edit source]

Wink locations[edit | edit source]


Dreamkey locations[edit | edit source]

1. In the area with the Robot jack-in-the-box, go to the left into the enclosed area and use the Robot's jetpack.
2. In the first underwater section, immediately left after jumping in.
3. In the second underwater section surrounding an aquarium-style glass tunnel, go through a hexagonal shaped door or the other one opposite and then left or right.
4. In the third underwater section with the giant dripping tap above it, swim to the end.

Secret area[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]