Tick Tock Manor

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"Tick Tock Manor"
Tick Tock Manor exterior.png
Trapped winks
Dreamkey color
Total cogs
Abilities (in order)
Enemies encountered (in order)
Ghost, Spider, Hoodwink, Zombie, Killer Plant, Stag Head
“This is the horrible haunted house where Nitekap has hidden 2 winks. Watch out for things that go bump in the night.”Wakey Wakey
“Sorry about the smell, but we've been dead for years!”Zombie

Tick Tock Manor is a haunted manor house and blue dreamkey nightmare within the Nightmare Realm.

Guide[edit | edit source]

You start Tick Tock Manor in the main hall, is though I recommend walking around the room collecting the zeds particularly on harder difficulties. You'll also notice that the moons are currently out of reach, you'll need a jack-in-the-box ability to get them. To proceed to the next room you'll need to go through the unmarked door on the ground floor, though make sure you have picked up the nightmare's first dream key under the stairs.

Kill the spider and proceed downstairs to the pink balloon, these are continue points where you will respawn if you die. The next room is a platforming course with wooden planks placed at an angle over stone archways. I recommend going to the bottom first by slipping over the edge to the right of the first wooden plank, here are several cogs as well as spiders that drop zeds and a chest with 2 moons. Once you are done, jump back up and carefully navigate the course to the next room with the wooden elevator.

Take the elevator up to the green pit room. The green liquid is toxic so you have to wait for and rely on the small wooden plank that works its way counter-clockwise around the perimeter. Keep in mind there's a dreamkey next to the first pillar, but we are going back through this room later.

The next room has 2 large wooden blocks and several Hoodwinks. Once the Hoodwinks have been killed, go straight ahead to the next room and hit the switch. Returning the room and you'll notice the large wooden blocks slide back when you are near them, approach the left large wooden block to obtain 10 cogs (if you don't have 10 cogs then you'll need to backtrack though the basement to find them) by navigating another green pit, then approach the right wooden block to unlock the cage and free the first Wink.

Go back to the green pit room and wait for the wooden plank, be sure to pick up the second dreamkey by jumping near the first pillar when the plank has worked its way around the room, before heading to through the stone door on the left. Continue backtracking through the basement to get back to the main hall and behind the stairs, straight through the 10-cog door and into the teleporter.

To get through the library you need to push the crate to a bookshelf, though as you push the crate keep in mind zombies will repeatedly spawn in. Work you way through the top of the bookshelves, but watch out for the candle-holder as it can block you. Go left and jump to the door in the wall and go through to the room with the ghosts and piano. I recommend working through this room quickly as ghosts spawn indefinitely, can hurt you and do not drop anything when killed. Now to go through the 20-cog door to the trapdoor room.

Now you are in the trapdoor room, you can carefully grab that cog by jumping across the trapdoor from the left or right side. Alternatively pick it up later after proceeding to the first button...

Wink locations[edit | edit source]

1. In a 10-cog cage below the right retractable wooden slab in the basement. Hit the switch after the continue point.
2. At the end of the level. Ensure you have butt-bounced the button nearby to get across the trapdoors.

Dreamkey locations[edit | edit source]

1. Behind the staircase in the main hall.
2. Hovering above the green pit behind the first pillar. Use the wooden platform to jump and reach it.
3. At the end of the trapdoor area haunted by ghosts. Use the Jester/Fairy button to lock the trapdoor shut in order to get it safely.
4. The big room with a fireplace. Once you use the first elevator, go into the corridor past the ghost and you'll find the key.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tick Tock Manor is the only nightmare in the Nightmare Realm set entirely indoors, without a mini-boss and without a name that alliterates three times.
  • Tick Tock Manor shares its level music with Crusty Rusty Wreck.